A Success Story – Ironman 70.3

Rough sea, steep climbs, and a forceful sun. That sums up the hurdles I had to pass on my path to my first Ironman 70.3. A challenge I have expected to be hard. My  body and mind were set. That being so, suffering took over. How much…I had no idea.  
I consider myself a very athletic person. I played football for over 20 years and after that I started to run, bike a lot, and also go frequently to the gym. At a later stage in my life, I learned how to swim properly and got a hang of that too. Little that I knew, swimming, biking, and running properly is difficult; to say the least. These three disciplined combined make a triathlon. A triathlon is a tough physical challenge, but above all a mental discipline that needs to be mastered. The only way of doing so, if by 'tri-ing'. 


Awareness of Others - Become the Change

Every year Euromonitor publishes a report that predicts the top 10 consumer trends in the world (Top 10 Consumer Trends, Euromonitor International, by Daphne Kasriel-Alexander) and it is one of my favorite reports to read through. It gives the highlights on major market trends and general shifts in the consumer’s mindset. Topics this year are around the consumer that is over-connected, shoppers who are agnostic, and the blurring of genders. Nevertheless, I don’t want to write about any of those trends, but the one that I think is the most important and that I want to contribute to. This important and essential factor for consumers in 2016 is mental wellbeing. One part of mental wellbeing is awareness of others and I have taken this and decided to make an impact by raising funds for the ‘Make A Wish’ foundation. Read on and find out how I am about to do that.



Gran Fondo Barcelona 2016

Last Sunday I participated in my first road bike challenge, which consisted of riding for 140km through the beautiful country side of Catalonia, including the mesmerizing coast line of Garraf, the water reservoir of De Foix, and grape plantations of the Penedes.
All in all it was a fantastic experience that I shared with a couple of friends of mine. Below you will find the images and a little video that sums up the event.


Why I Chose the 'Make A Wish' Foundation.

I studied three years in the US, while playing on the University’s varsity Soccer team. For me this was a great opportunity as they paid my room and board and also to dive into a new culture. This was also the first time that I have worked with the “Make A Wish” foundation, by raising funds with our team.
In order to raise funds for our team, we used to work at hot dog stands during the Detroit Pistons game. But every now and then, we gave parts of our earnings to the ‘Make A Wish’ foundation.  It felt great knowing that our efforts did not only help our team, but also kids in need.


Barcelona Marathon 2016 - Recap of the Rush

On the 13th of March 2016, at the age of 30, I ran my very first marathon. Never in my life did I run such a distance and the feeling of accomplishing it, is simply amazing. Thousands of people were cheering on the streets, there was music throughout the city of Barcelona, and 20 thousand runners made an attempt at beating their personal records on this beautiful and sunny Sunday. When I was a child, I thought only the strongest of men could run such a distance and now I am one of those.


Ironman 70.3 Barcelona and Make A Wish

Once a year I put my mind and my body through a harsh challenge that will test my physical and mental limits. This year that challenge will be the Ironman 70.3 of Calella (Barcelona). The challenge consists of swimming 1.9km, riding a bike for 90km, and then running a half marathon to finish up. Apart from putting myself through this temporary misery, I want to raise money for sick children as a member of the 'Make a Wish' foundation. 


The Zurich Marathon Barcelona

On the 13th of March, the city of Barcelona will celebrate its 38th edition of the Zurich Marathon Barcelona and I will take part of it for the very 1st time. Throughout the past months I have been preparing myself for the mythical and glorious distance and here are some notes.



My Threshold Endurance Test

Endurance Test

The advent of technology and the ever growing possibilities of tracking oneself during training made me realize something. The other day, while browsing through my stats, I noticed something very odd. During my warm up and during recovery sessions my heart rate spikes to 190-195. In order to investigate the topic a bit more, I decided to do an endurance and lactate threshold test. The results were eye opening and relieving at the same time.
When I told my wife about my odd heart condition, she immediately told me to do a checkup. She was the one who found the good offer on Groupon for me. You can find the link below, if it did not expire. The test consisted of the following items:


Business Planning and Triathlon Planning Similarities

The thing they taught me at business school is how to make good plans. If I want to do well in business it is essential to have a mindset and the tools to plan ahead and be able to foresee the future and therefore determine the best possible outcome. Planning a triathlon season is very similar to that. A business plan consists of a few essential items: A vision or in other words a desired future state, an operating plan, a marketing plan, and a financial plan. These 4 key pillars form the base of a sound business plan and at the same time a base for a successful triathlon season in 2016. Let me explain.


Skoda Triathlon Series - Gava 2015

What a way to finish the season. The Gava triathlon presented itself as the perfect opportunity to finish the season strong. I knew it was going to be a cool event, but the sensations and the memories will stick forever. A perfect end to a well rounded season of triathlons in 2015.